FORGIVENESS IS…A Mindful Perspective on Forgiveness

Ever feel like someone has done something that is completely unforgivable? Does it make your stomach churn just at the thought of that person? Does what they have done keep you up at night? Maybe it is time to look at forgiveness in a different light. 

Forgiveness means not only forgiving the other but also forgiving yourself. Forgiveness does not mean the action was right or okay. It merely means accepting it as a moment in time and realizing that only you have the power to determine the negativity or positivity of it. 

Nothing is inherently negative or positive, it just is. It is the ego that projects that moment as negative or positive. When you accept that the moment or situation, “just is,” you can step back and reflect as a divine being rather than a human ego. This is easier said than done, as the ego fears rejection of the set emotions. Ego thrives on reaction and the need to dwell or obsess over the situation. 

To step back and just let things “be” without placing emotion on them is truly divine. Breathe deeply and view each situation from the larger picture… just a moment in time, a grain of sand. Ego takes that grain of sand and builds a mountain. 

The true divine self knows it is just a grain of sand yet the ego disguises it and obsesses over it making it much bigger and more powerful that it truly is. 

Each event is just a grain of sand… a speck of dust. When viewed from above should be recognized for what it is… just a moment in time. 

You are in control… you get to decide. Will you allow ego to fabricate reality causing anxiousness, stress and pain? Or will you feel it for the moment and let it pass. One grain of sand amongst the others.

Forgiveness is very powerful because it will set you free from the hurt and pain that you are holding. It may never make that event or situation okay, but it will allow you to move on and thrive. To forgive is truly divine. 

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