Struggling to get your students to write? In my experience, unless students have a vested interest in what they are writing about, many will do minimal work when it comes to writing. As soon as you give them meaning and purpose behind their writing, many will step up to the plate and produce high quality writing far beyond what you thought they were capable of.

My vision is to get kids to view themselves as authors and get published! That is why I have developed this program.

Each year that I have taught, we generally have a big theme that the whole school works on throughout the year, or over the course of the entire year. Why not focus your writing on a school wide theme and publish the book? That is where I come in.

I can do virtual or recorded sessions to kickstart passion in your students writing by explaining who I am and how I became an author. Then I put the ball back in your students hands to become authors too! Together we will create a collaborative book based on the theme your school is focusing on that is published on Amazon.

Kids get excited about reading other students work. Imagine if it was in a professionally published book and available anywhere Amazon delivers! That is what I can do for you!

No ideas for a School Wide theme? No Problem!

A better tomorrow… Read my children’s book ”A Better Tomorrow.” Then get students to write stories about what they would do to create a better tomorrow starting today. It can be fact based or fiction based of how they would change the world for the better.

What kinds of problems need to be solved?… Kids look at problems in their lives, community and world and then write fictional or fact based stories on the problems that need to be solved in the world. It could be serious like how we solve world hunger, or silly like how we solve stinky farts in elevators.

What my teacher needs to know… Create fun stories based out of your own school. Kids and parents love to read and write about things they know. Give the kids a chance to teach the teachers something through their writing. For example, my teacher needs to know…. that we need to play soccer more and here is why…. Or we need more art projects and here is why… Or the whole staff needs to learn what Minecraft is because…

What I actually learn at school… read my book ”What Do You Learn At School,” then get kids to think about what they learn that is not necessarily taught. Do they learn how to collaborate? Do they build friendships? Do they learn to think critically? What do they learn about how they feel? How do they want to be remembered in 20 years?

Other Fun Options Could Be:

  1. My crazy summer
  2. Attack of the…
  3. If I ruled the world
  4. The crazy…
  5. If I had a million dollars
  6. The special gift
  7. The world 20 years from now
  8. The storm
  9. How the world was saved
  10. My guide to…