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What are your Patterns? How Awareness is Key to Shifting your Life Completely

Patterns in Life

Are you aware of your subconscious patterns? This is something that I have been working on for years and still feel as though it is an area I can continuously improve. So much of what we do, how we act and behave comes from subconscious patterns that we learned from childhood.

Take a few moments to think about where you are feeling stuck in your life. Are there deeper feelings or patterns that are holding you back? For me there are two patterns or sets of beliefs that continue to challenge my growth. I need to make a really conscious effort to be aware of them and to stop my brain from going down that self-pity and self-doubt hole that many of us find ourselves stuck in. The first is the feeling of not being good enough and second is the fear of scarcity.

The more I explored the feeling of not being good enough, the more I realized this thought pattern spread into so many areas of my life. I went to a retreat at the beginning of my divorce journey to deal with my traumas that were holding me back. When I was there, I realized that the deep underlying hurt and pain that I was constantly feeling was that I was not good enough. Just becoming consciously aware of that struggle and thought pattern has helped me so much in my growth and empowerment.

When those feelings arise, and they still do almost a decade later, I am generally able to reset and shift my thinking more quickly and with more ease. If I cannot reset quickly there are a few strategies that I turn to. First, get curious about why those feelings are popping up. Second, consciously reset your thinking to a more positive affirmation. If you struggle with resetting affirmations to a more positive outlook I encourage you to get Louise Hay’s book, “You can Heal Your Life.” In it she has many affirmations to shift your conscious mind. For example, one affirmation that I constantly come back to is, “I claim my power and move beyond all limitations.” I love this one because it helps me reset and think from the place of power. Truly, my place of power is always in the current moment. Another strategy is to go out and do something that you know will help you to feel better. For me it is going for a run, going to yoga or getting out in nature, specifically the mountains or water.

When we begin to realize the importance of the current moment, that is really when our lives begin to shift. You have zero ability to change what happened in the past other than changing how you view it. You are the only one who has power over your thoughts. Our thoughts and beliefs control so much of our lives. So start to become really aware of your thoughts because it is true what they say, “thoughts become things.”

The second overarching pattern that creeps in for me is the general feeling of scarcity and of not feeling good about receiving from others. In my head I used to think it is better to give than to receive. What I have learned over the years though is that we cannot always be giving. If you give and give and give you will have nothing left for yourself. In order to be the best version of yourself you need to have the ability to receive from others and have gratitude for it. Now whenever I am feeling bad about the “lack” of abundance in my life, I have to constantly shift my thinking to “it is safe for me to graciously receive.” Being a very giving person this is a huge awareness and perspective shift for me. Yet I know I need to work through it because if I do not then my pattern of scarcity will continue. Both Louise Hay and Bob Proctor talk about abundance and how in order to attract abundance we have to live from a place of gratitude and to act as though what we want has already come to fruition.

It is easy to go down the rabbit hole of lack when inflation is on the rise and gas prices are through the roof. Here is where your power comes in. You have the power to focus on that stressor. Or you have the power to focus on the amazing things that are already in your life and the amazing ways you are going to continue to build and grow the life of your dreams. Be so confident that the life of your dreams is your reality so that gas prices are not something you ever have to worry about.

Bob Proctor says if you can visualize what you want in your mind then you can “have it in your hand.” The trick with this is you have to stay focused on your vision and goals and not get sidetracked by distractions like inflation and gas prices to take your focus off of the end goal.

What is it that you truly want in life? Whenever stressors arise take a deep breath and visualize the life of your dreams. Take a few moments to just focus on your visualization as if you are already living in that reality. Don’t let the daily stressors of life take you away from your vision and goal. When stressors pop up and they will, consciously bring your attention back to gratitude and abundance. This constant reset can take awhile to learn. When your new pattern becomes shifting your focus back to your goal constantly then your life will completely begin to shift.

We are the only ones who have the power to make our lives better and the only ones who live in our minds. If we want to live a more fulfilling and empowered life then we need to start with living a more fulfilling and empowered life inside our minds.

Are you feeling more aware of your mind and your patterns? What pattern do you need to shift? If you are struggling with your mind and patterns and want to live a more empowered life then follow my blog and social media. My, “Empower Your Life,” course registration information will be released next week!

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