Does your child love to write stories? Do they dream about becoming a published author? Well they can be!

When I go in and talk to students about writing and show them my books they are always in awe by the final published copy. Many think I could never do that because I scribble down my stories in this journal and it looks nothing like a finished book. Well here is the thing. The first drafts of all of my stories are always scribbled down in a journal and are barely legible.

The problem is there are so many amazing stories that need to get out to the world that are still stuck on the lined pages of that note book where they left it.

Here is where we come in! I know kids write some of the best and most hilarious stories out there because I have been listening to my students writing for over 15 years. I want to help kids get to the next step and see themselves as true authors.

Throughout the year I will run different writing contests based on a theme. The best 20 most entertaining stories will get into the published book!

Don’t just stop at writing you can also submit your art to be on the cover page!

Submit your story below before July 31st, 2022 to be entered in the contest.

If you wish to submit your artwork for the cover contest please send an email and I will email you back how to submit it.