How do we make the world a better place? We can change the world by making changes to how we think and act. This book will help you empower kids to understand that they can impact the world with simple acts.

Every teacher and parent should have this book. Together we can build the future leaders of the world. We cannot change the past but don’t worry you will have a blast by starting today and choosing kind instead of cruel and you can start right in your school.

Challenge kids to think of tiny steps they can take to give others a break. I bet if we all started to lend a helping hand we could achieve something quite grand.

What do you learn at school? Reading, writing, math, art… What will you remember about school in 20 years? Will you remember the books you read or what facts the teacher taught you? School is about so much more than memorization of facts.

The reality is in 20 years you probably will not remember the details of any of the topics the teacher taught you. Do you know what you will remember? You will remember how you felt, how people treated you, if you felt inspired by something. Read along and discover that school is not just about what the curriculum says you have to learn! Includes bonus teaching ideas to get your class engaged!

Empathetic is a big word! Teaching kids to be empathetic and understanding empathy can be a challenge. Help the kids in your life understand empathy and build positive relationships. Being empathetic is an important skill to balance.

If someone is overly empathetic, people and situations can take advantage and deplete their energy leaving them feeling exhausted. It is important for kids to understand that when showing empathy it is also so important to set boundaries and ensure they are balanced and healthy first so they can truly help others.

Are you going through a separation or divorce? Are you stressing about how to talk to your kids about it? If this is you, you need this book! Separation and divorce is hard for everyone involved. It is a scary and confusing time.

Children often feel anxious, lost and even more confused than their parents. They do not understand why you are choosing to separate. Many have never seen their parents argue and so assume that this decision came out of the blue. This book is essential in letting your kids know that your separation and divorce has nothing to do with them and that as parents you are only trying to find the best most loving situation for them to grow up in.


I practice yoga! What’s your SUPERPOWER? Help your child find their inner superhero! Build their self-confidence through inner connection. Show them they can become FEARLESS, by understanding their inner calm and balance.

Teaching children mindfulness at a young age is critical in the busy high tech world we live in because it allows for self regulation. Learning to hold space for inner calm is an essential tool in healthy childhood development as it builds empathy and positive relationships with others.

Have you ever noticed that children have a unique connection to the divine? Want to explore connection to spirituality with them? Learn the ancient wisdom of the chakra system and their role in the body. What happens when your chakras are imbalanced? Give children tools to recognize their imbalances and mindful practices to heal themselves.

Give children tools to recognize their imbalances and mindful practices to heal themselves. So that they learn to heal themselves. A useful resource on energy healing for children for parents, teachers and yogis!

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Do you know any children who have big feelings? No Problem! All feelings are okay! They come and go and constantly change. Part of being human is the ability to feel and express emotions.  Identifying feelings, allowing time to feel, and dealing with them appropriately, is an important skill that needs to be nurtured and developed.

Spark conversations with children about feelings and ways to express them. Read as a story or page by page; with bonus teaching ideas at the back. Will your child benefit from opening up about their feelings? It’s a trick question because everyone would!

A Yoga Journey Through Peru Cover 2

Have you ever wondered about the about stolen treasure, surprising info about ancient cultures and unique animals! Everything inquisitive minds are craving! Help Ella, the little yogi, find the stolen Inca treasure.

Learn surprising facts about the Ancient Incas, Peruvian Culture and the animals of the Amazon. Not only will children be learning about yoga through poses and movements, but their imaginations will also be soaring during a bonus guided visualization that will have kids feeling what it’s like to explore Peru.

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Is there a curious child in your life who wants to know more about the world? Satisfy their curiosity by sending them on a learning and yoga journey through the beautiful country of India. Surprising facts about river dolphins, the population and the sacred Ganges River will keep learners engaged and full of wonder.

Not only will children be learning about yoga through poses and movements, but their imaginations will also be soaring during a bonus guided visualization that will have kids feeling what it’s like to travel across India.