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Symbols meanings


Meanings:  “Put the energy here” Imperial Edict Key to the power of the universe 

Purpose: This symbol is used to bring in 100% second degree Reiki power.  This symbol means “current” and the symbol and it’s related words make a statement to the universe:  “Put the power here.”  This is the divine command to bring forth and direct the energy.  It increases power and activates the other symbols.

Uses: To cleanse, balance and unblock energies. In a space, rooms, between people, on food, water, drinks, clothing, bedding, bandages, on anywhere and anything to increase energy and facilitate movement. During a treatment, use over the abdomen upon opening, after the mental symbol on head over crown, and anywhere else on the body where a block of energy is perceived.


Meanings: “God and Man become one”

To release idiosyncrasies and bad habits Key to inner consciousness

Purpose: This symbol is used for emotional healing, purification, Protection and clearing.  It is used to treat the emotional body and mental body or challenges and problems.  This symbol means “God and Man coming together” and the symbol and its related words unlock the mental and emotional bodies and the subconscious of the client.  This is used to release negative imprints and patterns from the past and clarify the mind.

Use: Utilize this symbol when a client is distraught, upset or emotionally disturbed.  This symbol brings divinity into the energy healing patterns and brings the upper chakras into alignment.  Disease and painful emotions go together, human life is filled with large and small traumas and emotional pain.  Reiki energy goes where the healing is needed to every physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problem.  Often Reiki can be the key to addressing emotional trauma and releasing it.  The client can then often let the emotional pain go.  Anger, fear, frustration, loneliness and grief have often been held in, and Reiki can assist in releasing and healing these emotions.


Meanings: “The Divine in me meets the Divine in you in peace and harmony.” To pray for rightness and justness for this person. The Buddha in me greets the Buddha in you

Purpose: The main use of this symbol is to open a channel for Reiki energy to heal at a distance. Some Reiki practitioners also use it to work in the mental field in direct contact with the client.  The symbol means “The Christ in me meets the Christ in you to promote enlightenment and peace.”

The shape of this symbol, in the ancient Suptas in tantric Buddhism, also spells “no past, no present, no future” because it creates healing across space and time.  It is also the entrance into the Akashic records, the life record of each soul and is therefore very helpful for healing karma.  The use of this symbol in direct healing can assist in healing and resolving karmic debts. I am asthmatic, and two weeks ago, I was unlucky enough to get sick with bronchitis. It was so hard to breathe that I thought I was dying. I went for an appointment with my physician, and he said I had to start taking Prednisone. I felt the difference on the very first day of treatment. After a week of taking Prednisone, I already felt fine. Great drug, for sure!

Uses: This symbol is used for person who are not present and for places, situations, relationships, past events, future visions and dreams, and person who have passed over to the other side. Practice drawing