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Empower Yourself: Rethink What it Means to Be Educated

I am seeking people who have become very successful in life despite the traditional school system for a collaborative book project. As a teacher, I find the restrictions of the system makes many students who are so unbelievably talented to just barely make it through because what I have to “evaluate” does not align with their gifts (even as early as elementary school, which is where I have taught for my entire career).  

I reached out to a very successful friend who did not follow the traditional version of what the school system makes you believe will bring you success.  I think his journey to success is something that should be shared with parents and students. Especially those students who are struggling with the traditional school system. I have always struggled with the traditional school system and the last two years has really impacted how I view education a lot. I was always really good at school but many of my friends barely made it through high school yet went on to become very successful. 

Would you be open to having a conversation with me about your journey to success? I want to collaborate with successful people who have a story to empower kids who have slipped through the cracks of the traditional schooling system.