One of the most important expenses when writing your own book or designing your own workbook, is to get a professional to edit it before you send it to the printers. Being a teacher I constantly find errors in published books that I read, including school textbooks.

Even when you read your own work over 100 times, your eyes may still miss things because your brain has already read it the way you meant to say it. I know this to be true, when I published my very first children’s book, I excitedly ordered an author proof only to find a typo that I had missed, despite having read it over and over again.

My next step was, to challenge my students to see if they could find the mistake in the proof copy of my book. One of my struggling readers who read it word by word, found a second mistake where I had written “your” instead of “you.” Luckily for me, I had self-published and could fix my mistakes instantly and re-upload my book to Amazon. The beauty of Amazon is that you do not have to carry any stock and you can tweak it at any point in time.

So hiring an editor is a must!

Rates start from:

$2.00 per page to $15 per page or 0.03- 0.12 per word

Prices are based on your unique needs.