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Abundance of Opportunities for Positive Self Talk

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re right,” (Henry Ford). This statement is such a powerful one when you begin to look at your self-talk. What we think and tell ourselves about ourselves becomes true for us. So it is really important to be conscious of what you are saying to yourself each and every day.

When I first began learning about self-help and healing your life from within, one of the first authors I fell in love with was Louise Hay. All of her work is amazing and really has the power to, heal your life as one of her best sellers is called, “You Can Heal Your Life.” What I love so much about her work is how it focuses so much on how to shift your life completely based on what you have control over.

If you have done any circle of control work you know that you only have control over your behavior, reactions and mindset for any situation. When you begin to shift these things your life will change. “What we tell ourselves comes true for us,” I can’t remember what meditation of Louise Hay’s I listened to that had that line in it. But whenever I am struggling with my mindset her voice pops in my head and says that exact line. “What we tell ourselves comes true for us.”

What is it that you are telling yourself right now? Are you hating your job/ spouse/kids? Are you telling yourself you are not good enough or never going to be good enough? Do you tell yourself you are stupid? Or are you grateful for the things in your life? We often have so many things to be grateful for yet our self-talk will have use believe the opposite is true. Take a few moments to really think about the self-talk that has gone on in your mind today or the past few days. Has it controlled your actions or reactions? Did you go into a situation already anticipating the worst, then the result was exactly what you told yourself before walking in?

What would happen if you began to shift your self-talk? We have an abundance of opportunities catch ourselves in the words we say to ourselves and shift them to something more positive.If you begin to say to yourself “I can’t….” try to catch yourself and shift it to “I am learning to….”

This week really be conscious of what you say to yourself. It may be helpful to even tally how many times you say something negative to yourself. Your awareness is the first step to shifting your mindset and how you show up in life. Your self-talk affects how you show up. Only you have the power to change your internal dialogue. Step into that power now.

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