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Abundance of Thoughts

It is estimated that the average person can have tens of thousands of thoughts per day. No wonder we feel exhausted by all of the mental stimulus going on all of the time. Many of those ten thousand plus thoughts are subconscious because they are part of your daily habits.

Bob Proctor talked about how our daily habits are formed by our paradigms, which are essentially our belief systems that produce our results in life. These paradigms guide people’s perceptions of the world and in turn affect how they show up. According to him, if you want to succeed in anything in life you need to learn how to change your paradigm. When you change your paradigm your results will change because your belief system and habits have changed. Our belief system is controlled by the thoughts we think each and every day.

We do not often think about how powerful our thoughts are. They really are with us constantly and control so much of our behaviour. How we perceive any event in our lives is determined by our thoughts and feelings. Louise Hay talks about how our thoughts become true for us. Her books focus on how changing your thoughts can essentially change your life. Simple shifts in how you view the world, allow the world around you to change.

Bob Proctor’s work also emphasizes how our thoughts produce our reality, “thoughts become things.” This is because what we think about affects our actions and how we act determines our outcomes. As a result what we think about eventually becomes our reality. How often are you conscious of what you are thinking about. Is it predominantly positive and helping you move forward? Or is it keeping you stuck the the same daily grind?

I heard Elon Musk speak in an interview, and he talked about how he had no shortage of ideas. He has so many ideas all of the time. What he had a shortage of was time and his ability to focus on specific ideas make them come to fruItion. I think many of us have ideas all of the time, what happens is that we do not act on our ideas. Or if we do act on them then we only do it for a while and then stop because we are on to the next idea then the next one. Elon’s comments on having to pick certain ideas to focus on really rang true for me. I have so many ideas all of the time. What I tend to do is start them and do them for a while then stop and move on to the next thing. People who are really good at what they do act on their ideas and follow through on them until they come to completion.

Many people do not follow through on their ideas because they have no idea how they will make their idea a reality. One thing I have learned over the years is that you do not have to know exactly how you are going to do something before you start. All you have to do is start and know the first step. Once the first step is completed the next step will reveal itself and the next and the next until eventually your idea becomes a reality. When I first wanted to write a book, I had no idea where to start, but as I began to write the world connected me with people who knew how to self-publish and eventually through constant effort and continued learning I have published over 10 books. I have so many more books in my head I need to focus on completing one or two at a time and keep learning and growing.

What are the abundance of thoughts or ideas that you have? Do you work towards any of them? Have you ever had a great idea and then just shelved it because you could not see how you would make it a reality? Maybe it is time to take one of your ideas and act on it, take the first step. I bet the next step will reveal itself and the next if you continue to take action to make your thoughts and ideas a reality.

This week be really conscious of your thoughts. What do you predominantly think about. Take some time to analyze how your thoughts produce the reality that you are in. If you are not happy with some area of your life currently how are your thoughts showing up in that area? Can you shift them? Can you be more conscious of them. The more conscious you are of your thoughts the more power you will have to manifest what you have always dreamed of.

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