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Be Creative

When I think about the infinite power we all have within ourselves it is unbelievable the potential we each have with our own unique creative gifts. This week will focus on our infinite ability to be creative. 

I know that word may trigger some people. Especially if their initial reaction is, “I am not creative.” This could be because in school you did not feel creative in the sense of what was valued as being “creative” in the traditional sense. Creativity is not just about art, painting, drama classes. It can be about building, designing, coding, sales, leadership. Our potential for creativity is endless. 

Take a few moments to think about how you express your creativity. Is it in the more traditional sense through painting, drawing, acting or can you view your creativity through a new lens of wood work, structure design, welding, coding or how you lead your team or think outside the box. 

I listened to Elon Musk speak on a podcast a while ago and on it he talked about how he has no shortage of ideas he has thousands of them, what he has shortage of is time and resources to attend to all of the creative ideas for innovation that he has. That really resonated with me because I feel as though I always have an infinite amount of ideas of what I could pursue yet I often get stuck and don’t complete them. I am motivated for a few weeks then trail off because something else comes up. When that creative wave hits though I always feel the most balanced and at peace with myself. It is like creativity helps me balance and allows life to flow more seamlessly. If you want to pursue a creative endeavor then it is important to stick with it through to completion and not get distracted by the next idea that pops into your head. 

In what ways do you have an abundance of creativity in your life? If you consciously look around you will see an abundance of creativity everywhere you look. I see it in the designs of buildings, in the imaginations of childrens, in the board games people create, in the videos people make on social media. Really if you begin to look there is creative expression vibrating all around you and you only notice it when you look for it.   

When do you feel the most creative? How often do you set aside time for creative play?  Engaging in activities that promote creative play can be beneficial for everyone, even for adults. Often we think of creative play as an activity for children. However there are many benefits to it such as stress reduction, improved cognitive function, increased productivity, self-esteem boost, enhanced communication skills, and social connection. 

Schedule some time in your week to be creative in whatever area makes you feel the most alive. Or if you have no idea what creative area makes you feel the most alive. Schedule some time to try something new that you have never tried before or something that you have not done since you were a kid. I remember years ago I hosted an ornament painting night and invited some friends over to just spend time creating. One of the attendees was a coworker who said she had not painted since she was a child. She loved the night so much and how painting the ornaments made her feel that she started painting ornaments as a hobby then started going to winter craft fairs to sell her ornaments. That one creative activity awakened a part of her that had been hidden since childhood and she found so much joy in doing them that she made it a hobby that turned into a side business. You never know where your creative spark will take you. It could be on an empowering new journey. 

I think the big message of this story was not that she built a side business out of her creative spark, but that she found something in that one painting night that allowed her to have endless hours of joy just spending time creating. 

When are you going to get creative this week? Look at your schedule and block off an hour now. You will not regret it. There is an abundance of creativity within you, you just need time to let it out.

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