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Start Today! Create a Better You

You know the saying the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is to plant one today. That message can apply to anything in your life. The best time to start empowering your life is today. You cannot do anything about the past. You can not control your future. All you truly have is today.

Each morning you wake up you have a chance to create a better life for yourself. You and only you can begin to heal your life by taking continuous action to build a better tomorrow. So many of us do not realize the power we have within ourselves to not only change our lives but also the lives of everyone around us.

The people you surround yourself with will be inspired by the work you are doing. If they are not inspired by you choosing to empower your life that is okay too. Some people will try to hold you back and keep you stuck. Some are meant to stay in your life for, “a reason, a season or a life-time,” very few people have lifelong friendships. It is okay to move on from friendships and relationships that do not support the work you are doing to heal.

I truly believe we need to start teaching the concept of the “Power of Now,” in schools so that kids begin to learn from an early age, that they have the power to change their lives. It can be as simple as changing their perspective and taking control of the thoughts they think.

I wrote a children’s poem that I turned into a book on this exact concept to help young children realize the power they have. It also applies to adults.

  • When I watch the news or learn about the past, I wonder how these awful things continue to last.
  • We learn about wars in schools. Which makes me wonder, why we were such fools.
  • We learn about indigenous tribes that were almost wiped out. I wonder why we choose to push them about.
  • I sometimes hear stories that are just not nice, I wonder why we allow things to turn into a vice.
  • What if we all made a promise to ourselves and peers today? To focus on joy and not being so gray.
  • Everyone is doing the best they can. Until they know better things might seem like a jam.
  • What tiny step could you take? To give others a break?
  • We can start to question the past to change and evolve. We can show empathy and begin to resolve.
  • Life can become better now! Do you know how?
  • If everyone started to choose kind instead of cruel. We could begin to change the world by starting in our school.
  • What if everyone started to lend a helping hand. I am sure we could achieve something quite grand.
  • Each day do one little thing to make the world a better place. Then we could flow with love and grace.
  • Each person has the power to make the world great. By focusing on this moment and choosing love over hate.
  • You can’t change the past. But don’t worry you will have a blast. By starting now and choosing kind, then empowering your mind.
  • Each day we have a chance to make a positive impact. It really depends on how we choose to act!

What are you going to do with the ultimate power that you do hold in this moment? That is really up to you. If you are committed to healing and empowering your life then the best time is to start right now! It can be as simple as catching your mind when it begins to go down a self-destructive thought pattern.

Rome was not built in a day. Be gentle with yourself, the work you are doing to heal will take time. Healing is not ever an overnight success story. It takes continuous conscious work to heal your life and empower your mind. It is also important to realize that healing is not a destination, it is a journey. There will be times when you fall back into your subconscious patterns. When that happens be gentle with yourself and make a conscious effort to get back on track. You will find that the tools you have built along the way will help you get back on track quicker everytime something arises that throws you off track.

Learn to be grateful for your journey and for the present moment. This vibration will lead you to a very powerful healing transformation, it will give you the energy and power to embrace this moment and build a better you starting today.

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