How Do We Heal From This?

How do we heal? The path to healing is never a straight road. There is no clear end point and you may get stuck along the way. You may get lost and struggle for a bit but eventually you get back on a track again. Healing is a journey not a destination. From what I have watched from the Trucker Convoy, I think Canadians are desperate to begin healing.

The pandemic has brought on massive trauma that we do not completely understand. Since the introduction of the mandates in the fall there has been deep division, discrimination, unconstitutional procedures and fear. All driven by the governments dealing with the pandemic. They really pinned groups of people against each other and caused a deep division in society.

As an educator my focus is always on how we can build kindness, compassion and empathy for others even when we do not understand their point of view. I wonder where we would be if the leaders of our governments had approached the pandemic from this view instead of trying to pin the population against each other causing a deep divide.

The Truckers have given me hope that our country and communities are ready to begin to heal from the darkness of the last 2 years. In the last two weeks I have seen unity, community building, caring and compassion from across Canada. Yet the mainstream media has not covered this… why?

The first step in healing is to remove yourself as much as you can from the source that is causing you harm. Next, start surrounding yourself with people and groups who will build you up rather than tear you down. If you are met with hatred and anger do your best to just walk away. In all of the research I have done on anger and fear, people who lash out and are mad are really people who are hurting the most inside. People who are loving, show empathy and compassion even when triggered.

What brings me hope from the Trucker Convoy, is the healing that is happening just by people getting together, singing Oh Canada, playing hockey in the street, waving Canadian flags, hugging each other and smiling. Yes smiling and seeing peoples faces has been so healing. There is research on the chemicals that are released in your body when you smile and when you get a hug. Both of these small actions are immensely healing.

In order for our country to begin to heal I think we need to start hugging more, smiling more, removing the censorship from the media so we have true and honest access to information, and getting rid of leaders who caused this deep division. We should be able to ask questions, hear from experts and have experts debate each other, that is healthy. Isolation, censorship and discrimination needs to end.

I truly believe Canadian’s are some of the kindest, most compassionate and empathetic people in the world. Let’s lead the world in a journey to heal from the darkness of the last 2 years by beginning with a hug, a smile and maybe a little street hockey.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful thank you. Seems most people have forgot about our freedom and love of country and fellow Canadians. God bless you

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