A Better Tomorrow

For the last two years I have been struggling with hope for a better tomorrow as I am sure many of you have. This constant fear and changing goal posts has been a lot to handle. As a teacher, my focus this entire time has been on doing my best to focus on the students mental health first to ensure they were supported enough to be able to learn both online and in the classroom.  

One day after school almost two years I came home and jotted down the writing for a children’s book about creating ‘A Better Tomorrow.’ In the three years prior, I wrote, illustrated and self published 8 children’s books. Then the world shut down and I lost all motivation to continue some of my passion projects. I just focused on getting through the struggles of the day and trying not to lose my mind as I continuously questioned how things were being handled and when this was going to end. So my book has sat on my computer and not been touched in almost two years. 

In the last week things have shifted. For the first time I actually feel hope for a better tomorrow and it is because I am finally seeing my country come together under one common cause… Freedom. 

I always teach my students that they can make a difference in the world. Even by just doing one random act of kindness they never know how far that act will go. Also, when you are really passionate about something things will take you in a direction you never expected. This happened to me with writing children’s books. (My original plan was to just write one book and make it on my computer and have the copy in my classroom. The world had a different plan for me and people popped up in my life. I learned how to self publish on Amazon and am continuously learning on the self-publishing journey while working full-time and being a single mom)

What is so amazing about what is happening right now is that we are getting to see one small act of kindness and passion unite an entire country and the whole world is watching. What started out as a group of truckers going to Ottawa to peacefully protest the governments mandates for all Canadians’ has now raised over 5 million dollars in a few short days. Our country seems to be uniting in a way that I have never experienced in my life and it brings me so much hope. 

I finally have hope for a better tomorrow and a push for me to get motivated to finish illustrating my book “A Better Tomorrow.” All I need to do is finish the illustrations and get it out to the world. It is crazy how fitting something I wrote two years ago is fits so well with what is happening right now! 

Let’s start today and make a better tomorrow! 

When I watch the news or learn about the past, I wonder how these awful things continue to last. 

We learn about wars in schools. Which makes me wonder, why we were such fools. 

We learn about indigenous tribes that were almost wiped out. I wonder why did we choose to push them about. 

I sometimes hear stories that are just not nice, I wonder why do we allow things turn into a vice. 

What if we all made a promise to ourselves and peers today. To focus on joy and not being so grey. 

Everyone is doing the best they can. Until they know better things might seem like a jam.  

What tiny step could you take. To give others a break? 

We can start to question the past to change and evolve. We can show empathy and begin to resolve. 

Life can become better now! Do you know how? 

If everyone started to chose kind instead of cruel. We could begin to change the world by starting in our school.  

What if everyone started to lend a helping hand. I am sure we could achieve something quite grand.  

Each day do one little thing to make the world a better place. Then we could flow with love and grace. 

Each person has the power to make the world great. By focusing on this moment and choosing love over hate. 

You can’t change the past. But don’t worry you will have a blast.

By starting now and choosing kind, then empowering your mind. 

Each day we have a chance to make a positive impact. It really depends on how we choose to act! 

How we choose to act affects everything around us. Canada we have a chance right now to act with kindness, compassion and empathy and show the world we are a peaceful people and the TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE!

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