Creative Person

Do you Feel Like a Creative Person?

Do you feel like you are a creative person? We are all infinitely creative in our own unique ways. Each and every one of us have creative gifts to share with the world and our level of happiness and joy is directly linked with the time we spend immersed in what we love to do the most.

Creativity is not just art and painting, the way we traditionally think of creativity in schools. Creativity is in everything. It is in the cars we design, the latest technology, the best video games. It literally is infused into everything. Yet so often we reject our creative gifts because we were told that you cannot make money doing those things. Or in order to be successful you have to go to school and be a doctor or a lawyer. This simply is not true.

Children from a very young age burst with creativity. They will play for hours on their own and be completely content through living in the present moment in their own imagination. Imaginative play is so important for childhood development. It is also just as important for adults. Sir Ken Robinson was highly critical of the education system as he questioned if schools killed children’s creativity “we are educating people out of their creative capacities.”

Maybe it is time to reconnect to your childhood gifts and let your creative juices flow.

How much time do you spend creating? Remember creating can be in any area. It could be
photography, baking, wood work, welding basically anything that gets you back into that creative zone that you could spend hours doing and it feels like no time has gone by at all.

It is time to embrace your creative gifts and spend more time living in the present moment as
your infinite creativity flows easily through you.

You have the power within yourself to be a conscious creator of the world around you rather
than a passive consumer of other people’s content.

Take a look at your week and aside time this week to live in your creative zone!

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