Shifting your Perspective

Shifting your Perspective: Revamp your Self Image

So much of how we view anything in life is based on our perspective. Two people can be at the exact same event or have a similar situation yet they experience them very differently. The difference in how we experience something is based on our perspective. When we shift our perspective everything changes. 

For example when someone goes through a divorce they can either view it as a devastating disaster and that their life is over. Or they can take a different perspective and they can view it as a chance to rebuild their life. Sometimes it takes a bit of time and support but even the most devastating struggles in your life can shift when you shift your perspective. 

In any situation, no matter how frustrated I am or how much I’m struggling I always try to shift my perspective to, “what can I learn from this situation and how will it help me grow?”  When I shift my perspectives to, ‘what can I learn and how can I grow?’ it completely changes my view, it completely changes my outlook on life and it completely changes my attitude towards the situation. Every single one of us has this ability within ourselves.

So much of what we struggle with in life is because of how we view our situation. What are some things that you were struggling with? How could you do a slight shift in your perspective to completely change how you view that situation?

When we can change our perspective it gives us the opportunity to completely revamp our self image. I started this course through the Bob Proctor Institute. When I started it, I said I’m a single mom and a teacher. The instructor for the course told me to view it from the perspective of how powerful I am. To stand in my power. 

Even when we feel like we’re a victim of a situation. We can change the way we look at the situation and then we would no longer are the victim. We are all creators of our own lives. When you begin to become conscious of your perspectives and of how you’re viewing situations you will begin to realize only you have the power to change it.

So much of what we do is subconscious patterns. I know when I got divorced people would say to me, ‘oh I’m so sorry to hear that.’ I would say, ‘I’m not, it’s the best decision I ever made. It is the most healthy decision I could have made for me and my daughter.’ Then they would take a second, reflect on what I had said and realize it was only their perspective that viewed divorce as a negative. This is what I struggled with the most, was how other people view divorce as a negative. Divorce is not a negative, it just means that you need to grow or you need to learn something and if you haven’t grown from that situation then you’re going to have to learn it again in a different way or keep repeating those same patterns.

I want you to think about how you view yourself. What do you love about you? What do you not love when you try to hide from other people? What mask do you wear in certain situations? When you begin to change your perspective and stand in your power as your own authentic self, you no longer have to hide. You can take any of the  things that you don’t like about yourself and actually use it as a positive. You can choose to view almost any situation as an opportunity to help you understand yourselves better, to help you be more accepting of yourself and to help you grow as a human being.

One thing that I’ve always struggled with is my anxiety. My anxiety makes my brain run a million miles a minute sometimes and I can’t control it. But at the same time my anxiety helps me in a lot of ways. It helps me to be a very high achiever and achieve my goals. It helps me to understand my students and understand what other people are going through. Anxiety allows me to have empathy for others when they’re feeling anxious about a situation. It allows me to have a deeper understanding of what the human experiences. 

So do I wish I didn’t have anxiety sometimes. But at the end of the day when I view it from the perspective, ;how can I learn from this, how can I help others because I experienced this, how can I make the world a better place by being more in tune with my anxious tendencies?’ Then my anxiety completely shifts and I am actually grateful for it. I’m actually grateful for the fact that it makes me analyze things and makes me think about things in a deeper way. It makes me really consider and analyze things the way other people don’t necessarily do and that makes me authentically me. 

One thing I learned from reading many of Louise Hay’s books and listening to her meditations is that so much of how we experience life and the diseases that come into our life are based on our thoughts. Louise rid herself with cancer by curing the toxic thoughts in her mind and completely changing her vibration. She also talks about how she helped others cure their weight issues by helping them change their perspective on their bodies. I love the mantra I live in a healthy healthy body and it helps me to experience life. How our thoughts affect our reality needs to be researched more. There is so much power in our ability to use our minds. What if we taught in schools the power of the mind?

When we shift our perspective we change our vibration and our frequency. What is it that you need to shift? What situations in your life can you begin to consciously change your vibration and completely shift your life? A couple of days ago, I received my order from As usual, the medicines were delivered fast and well-packed. I’ve already started my treatment, so I can say that the drugs work well. I’m a frequent buyer of this online pharmacy. Every time I get top-notch customer service and professional pharmacist’s consultation. Thanks a lot!

If you are struggling with your perspective and need to revamp your self image follow my blog and social media as more information on my, “Empower your Life Course,” will be released soon. 

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