I am Fearless

With so much fear and uncertainty being spread across the world over the last two years. It is now more important than ever to teach students that they are actually very powerful and can over come any fears they have.

I coauthored and illustrated, “I am Fearless, A Yoga Story for Kids and Superheroes,” to help empower kids. You can empower kids too! This can be achieved by building their confidence through I am statements and the power of yoga with our book.

Sometimes events in life can seem really overwhelmingly large. When this happens it can paralyze us in thinking that we are powerless against them. The amazing thing is that when you shift your mindset you can change it from victim thinking to; “beware for I am fearless and therefore I am powerful!” The instant you make this decision your life will change.

When you begin to recognize that the change in the world around you begins within yourself you will realize just how powerful you are. The gift of that power is always in the present moment, not the past or the future but NOW! What you truly have power over is how you chose to act, think, and do in this exact moment.

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When you are feeling powerless in a situation sometimes it can be hard to dig deep within yourself and shift to your thinking to “I am fearless and therefore I am powerful.” Especially if you are like me and suffer from anxiety. Even people with anxiety disorders can retrain their brains as soon as they become conscious of their ability to do it. When you become conscious of your ability to change your thoughts everything in your life changes.

In any situation, you can look at it through the lens of what is this teaching me? What am I meant to learn? How can what I am going through now help me to serve others better in the future? When you shift the situation to a learning opportunity everything changes. You learn more about yourself and your abilities to tap into your own inner power.

“I am Fearless,” is designed to help kids build that inner knowing that they have infinite power within themselves. They are balanced, grounded, brave, powerful and fearless all bottled up in the one unique package that they are. They have to power to let their spirit soar and find harmony even in the shakiest of situations.

Being fearless also means that they can put faith in new situations and trust that everything will work out. This is an important lesson for adults too. What if we approached every situation with the belief that everything was working out for our highest interest and higher learning.

Fearlessness does not mean that you can never be afraid. It just means that when you feel those fears rising that you have strategies to centre yourself. The skills of calming your mind down are essential. We should start to build these skills in children as early as pre-school. Imagine how much better the world would be if instead of hiding in our fears we could step up to the plate and stand in our strength of our true selves.

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