Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

Do you know you can literally rewire your brain by consciously listing 3 things you are grateful for each day? Our thoughts have so much power over the way we think and act. There are many studies on the power of the mind and how people have literally thought themselves into curing their cancer or learning to walk again. I find this completely fascinating. There needs to be way more research into the power of the mind and how we can tap into its true potential to help become the highest versions of ourselves.

If you are looking for ways to heal and empower your life the very first place to start is within yourself. You can easily start by practicing gratitude daily and really becoming conscious of the thoughts you think. Louise Hay is one of my favorite authors on mindfulness and healing your life. She literally wrote the book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” One resource that I always come back to when I am struggling is this book. She states, “every thought we think is creating our future. Each one of us creates experiences by our thoughts and our feelings, the thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.” When you begin to come aware that your thoughts create what’s going on in your life then you truly have the power to change things.

In a meditation that I used to do daily by Louise Hay, she talks about how even kings and queens did not have access to modern plumbing like we do today so to be grateful for your plumbing. This always makes me laugh but at the same time I always come back to that idea and think ‘wow” it really is amazing that I have running water in my home. Just having running water makes my life so much easier. I want you to take a moment to think about the water and the access you have to water. If you have running water in your home you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet so we really need to be grateful each and every day for access to water. For many people in Western Society this concept is mind-blowing because we forget about those little things that truly make our lives easier. Did you know, around 40 percent of the world doesn’t have access to a clean, reliable water source. This really puts having access clean water into perspective and how lucky we are to have it.

Do you go to bed on a full stomach? If you do and you are luckier than many, many people on the planet, so take a moment to be grateful for that. Some sources say that around 810 million people go to bed hungry each night; other sources say that nearly one in three people don’t have enough food. When you consider these numbers, no matter what’s going on in your life, you have so much to be grateful for if you go to bed on a full stomach.

When we forget these things and we focus on our problems we get more of our problems.
When we can begin to look at each situation from a place of gratitude, we will get more of those positives coming into her life. What I love about Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life” is that she has this giant list in it on all these different diseases, the probable cause and then a new thought pattern.

There is a new thought pattern for each and every ailment, no matter what it is that you’re struggling with. If you begin to repeat the new thought pattern then things will really change but you have to truly believe it with every ounce of your being.

So often, we get hyper focussed on the things that aren’t working out for us. When the reality is the majority of things truly are working out. If you have a home, food and access to clean water you are one of the most lucky people in the whole planet. If you want more joy and more prosperity in your life then you need to focus on the joy and prosperity that are already there. If there’s something that you want to bring into your life then you need to focus on it with the idea that you’ve already have it in your possession and vibrate that frequency. When you begin to vibrate on the frequency of gratitude more things will come into your life for you to be grateful for.

Once we truly begin to become conscious of our frequency and how our thoughts become things, then our experience completely changes. When we catch ourselves thinking a negative thought, we can begin to shift that into a positive. For example, a few years ago I got a speeding ticket and I’d already been reading about all of this stuff. Instead of thinking, “I got a speeding ticket, this is the worst.” I shifted my mindset to, “at least I live in a country where I can feel safe getting a ticket and they’re using that money to follow the rule of law in our country.”

There are so many places in the world where you have to bribe the Police Service to get out of a speeding ticket. I am lucky enough not to live in one of those countries. Another example would be when it’s raining, instead of thinking, “oh man it’s raining I want to go outside.” Shift your perspective to, “how much the Earth needs it, how much it will help things grow and how much more you’ll enjoy that beautiful day when it comes next.” These simple shifts in our conscious mind allow that higher frequency of energy to flow more easily.

On a molecular level we are all made up of atoms. Atoms are essentially space and energy vibrating on a frequency. Our conscious mind has the ability to change this frequency and we can change this frequency through gratitude. We literally have the power in our own minds to change every single cell in our bodies. When we realize this true power that we have within ourselves that we truly have the ability to heal our lives then transformation can begin. When we begin to heal from within, we have the opportunity to help others heal from within too and essentially that will spread to the planet. Every living thing is vibrating a frequency and if you can become conscious of the frequency you are vibrating then you truly have the power to change the world.

So what is it that you can be grateful for today? Even if you are having one of the hardest days of your life there are so many things that you can be grateful for and that simple conscious shift will completely shift the day. If you are struggling with your perspective and how to bring more gratitude and healing into your life, follow my blog and social media for more information on my, “Empower your Life Course,” which will be released soon.

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