Speaking Your Truth

Speaking your Truth

Do you speak your truth? If you are a talker you may think yes, and if you are a quiet person you may think no. Speaking your truth has little to do with how much you talk and more to do with the authenticity of what you are saying. If you are a talker do you speak authentically when you do? If you are an introvert do you speak up when necessary? Asking yourself these questions and becoming conscious of your behavior will help guide you to speak your truth.

Speaking from your authentic self often coincides with your throat chakra. If your throat chakra is blocked you may struggle with speaking your truth. The throat chakra shuts down when you experience grief and are unable to express your feelings freely. The functionality of the throat chakra is also affected by substance abuse. Smoking, drinking and recreational drugs all pass through the throat and disrupt the energy flow. The energy from the crown and third eye are unable to freely flow to the lower chakras when the throat chakra is blocked.

When we are able to mean what we say and follow through with authentic action it is a sign that your throat chakra is balanced. When it is not, you may experience sore throat, neck issues, tooth and gum problems, you may also suppress your feelings and be unable to set clear boundaries with others.

Take a few moments to think about how you interact with others and the world. Has there been times when you stayed silent to not cause trouble, when you knew in your heart you should have spoken up? Have there been times when you just talked and talked to avoid uneasy silence? Were there times you contributed to gossip even though it just felt wrong on the inside and you should have just changed the subject or stepped up and said something? I think almost everyone has experienced these situations at different times in their lives. Now that you have become aware of them, that is the first step to stepping into your power and speaking your truth.

You do not ever have control over how others perceive and view you. What you do have control over is how you view yourself and how you choose to speak and act. The throat chakra is directly connected to willpower, sense of self and ability to express your creative gifts. When you find yourself suppressing aspects of who you are it may be a sign that there is a need for change. The ability to stand up and say ‘no’ to what and who may be harmful to you is essential to maintaining a balanced throat chakra and strengthening your willpower.

The ability to communicate feelings openly is essential for the development of self and empowering your life. Self expression opens the doors to communication and creativity which are key aspects of living from our highest selves. Sometimes in order to do this we need to slow down and listen. The throat chakra is also connected to the ears. We have the ability to strengthen our throat chakra when we quiet down and listen to our inner voice. There has been research throughout history on the power sound has to heal. We can strengthen our immune system and begin to heal by saying positive things about ourselves aloud throughout the day.

Saying positive affirmations literally has a direct effect on endorphin levels in our blood stream. If you are ready to step into your power you need to quiet down and listen to your inner voice. Allow emotions to be experienced, not suppressed or acted upon, merely experienced for what they are; this will allow for free flowing energy through the throat chakra.

Stepping into your power demands that you strive to become emotionally mature and you overcome fear of speaking up when things do not align with your true values. We truly begin our empowerment path when we tell the truth. It takes a conscious effort to truly get comfortable with your feelings and deal with your inner reality. When you can speak up no matter how difficult it may be, it builds confidence and sets you on a higher path to self actualization.

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