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Abundance Wins to Celebrate

How often do you take a moment to notice the wins you have made? Do you ever notice them? Maybe you just celebrate the big wins, the ones that you worked really hard for but often they short lived for how hard you worked to get there. What if you shifted your mindset to start celebrating all of the little wins you make each day? How would that shift your perspective on life and your achievements?

Take a few moments and think about your day today. What is one little win that you had? Did you eat healthy? Drink enough water? Remember to take your vitamins? Did you cross something off your to do list? Did you get your kids out the door on time for school? These are all little wins that can happen each and every day that you do not even notice yet, you accomplished.

Sometimes we get down on ourselves for not accomplishing as much as we hoped for and we begin feeling overwhelmed by our to do lists. However, our minds have so much power to shift how we view things especially if we begin to notice all of the little wins we have each and every day.

One benefit of celebrating little wins is that it boosts our motivation to keep going. When you cross off something on your to do list you get a little hit of dopamine that makes you want to keep going. Which is why it is a great idea to write a list in the morning or the night before of what you need to accomplish the next day. Then each time you cross something off the list you get to have a mini celebration that you accomplished something which in turn makes you want to complete more!

Sometimes, celebrating wins even gives you motivation to complete something you dread doing. As a teacher, I dread writing report cards so I always give myself a little motivation to get them done. I give myself permission to go to the mall and spend $100 on whatever I want the moment I get them done. Which is like a little mini boost for me because I finish something I dread doing so that I can treat myself to something special. What mini special thing can you do for yourself to motivate you to complete something you dread doing?

Celebrating wins can be a really powerful tool for fostering a positive mindset and enhancing your ability to achieve long-term goals and success. It helps with motivation, confidence and helping you to complete tasks you dread doing yet know you have to get done. So this week, I challenge you to take notice of the little wins you make each day. At the end of the week you will have a minimum of seven wins to celebrate. What will you do to celebrate them? It can be a great gift of self-care and self- acknowledgement to yourself. Yay for your abundance of WINS!


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