Empowering Yourself and your Kids During Divorce

Did your relationship fall apart during the pandemic? Are you worried about how your kids are going to handle the transition after an already tough few years? Take a deep breath and relax. You and your kids are resilient! You can shift to a more positive and fulfilling path. I wrote a kids book about divorce because one of my student teachers mentioned to me she never realized how many kids come from divorced homes until she started her journey to become a teacher. 

There are so few divorce books for kids out on the market. I think it is because many feel it is a bit of a taboo subject. Many still have the vision of a white picket fence with 1.5 children as being their ideal life. Life has an interesting way of bringing exactly what you need into it for you to learn and grow. 

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I had experienced my own divorce and supported so many kids and families through theirs. So I went straight to work on creating a book to help all of my students past and present. A kids book about divorce was a really empowering topic for me to write and illustrate because I view what I went through with gratitude each and every day. I am so grateful for my divorce, I know you may think I am crazy, but I am. I am a better teacher, parent and person because of what I went through. I truly live what I wrote about, “sometimes two separate homes can be better than one.” 

The best books for kids going through divorce are ones that help children to understand that their parents divorce has nothing to do with them. They are so loved and their parents are really doing the best they can with the tools and skills they have. Often children will feel like they are part of the reason why their parents are separating and have guilt and anger that will come out in different ways. The best books for kids about divorce help them recognize some of the positives that will come with the changes. All change has its positives and negatives. It is what you choose to focus on during that change that affects how you view the outcome. 

My kids divorce book is designed to help kids and parents discuss their feelings, some of the struggles and some of the good things that they will have to look forward to. Who does not get excited about the possibility of two birthdays? (Well maybe introverts like me) But most people can see the positives in having two birthday parties especially when you are 6-10 years old!

When I first got divorced I struggled with telling the parents of my new students because I thought they would look down on me because so often when I would tell people I was divorced they would say, “I am sorry.” My answer would always be, “I am not, it was the best decision I could have ever made for me and my daughter.” When we shift our attitude and view of divorce we can come to a place of forgiveness and acceptance. Buying books to help kids with divorce is an important step towards healing.

Yes there may be big struggles and mountains of anger, resentment and arguments to overcome. Eventually, as you learn to heal and start to embrace your new life, the struggles that you felt would destroy you, you will realize they have actually made you and your children stronger. Books for kids with divorced parents can be a great tool to open up discussions with your children about their feelings, struggles and worries. There are so many great teaching tools within books that can be utilized to support kids going through any struggle in life. Divorce books for kids are just another tool that can help. 

If you are in a space where you are worried about your kids because of your divorce today is the day you can start to shift your view. Recognize that you have the power within yourself to help your kids and you have a more loving and positive life in two separate homes. 

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