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Finding Joy in Each Day

Do you find joy in each day? Sometimes when we get overwhelmed and life does not seem to be going our way we struggle to see the joy in life. However, when you retrain your brain to find the joy in your day you will start to notice that there is an abundance of joy in each day. Even on our hardest days there are moments of joy that you can find if you choose to look.

As you are reading this you may even be thinking I used to have a lot of joy in my life but now it seems to be missing. Do not worry you still have it. You just need some time to reconnect to your joy. The cool thing about joy is that it can be different for everyone. Maybe your joy is getting out in nature, another persons could be having time to curl up with a good book or having a coffee date with a friend you have not seen in a long time. Joy can even be a simple smile from a stranger or noticing the beauty of a flower.

Sometimes noticing the joy is just about learning to slow down. To take a breath and an extra five seconds to be really present in the moment. I used to have a student who would come and smell my tea every day, I drink chai tea almost daily, and every day that she was in my class she would come over and smell it. I thought it was hilarious and it brought a little brightness to my day. This student moved up a grade however, the other day they passed me in the hallway and stopped me just so she could smell my tea. Then this morning, I had a coworker comment on how good my tea smelled as I walked in the building and it made me think of my funny student from last year. Joy can be found in the smallest and strangest of moments. Don’t forget to notice them.

What joy do you have in your day today? If you take a few moments to think over your day I am sure you can think of at least one moment that brought a little joy into your life. Did you notice the sunrise? Was the sky beautiful colours of pinks and reds? If it is like that tomorrow spend an extra second just basking in the joy of how truly breathtaking the sky can be some days. Noticing these moments can help set your day off on a brighter path and as a result allow you to notice more moments of joy that you would have otherwise missed.

This week take some time to just notice the little moments of joy, jot them down and at the end of the week see the true abundance of joy that surrounds you that you have been missing because you have not spent the extra moments to notice it.

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