Rainbows of Energy

Learning about the energy centres of the body is becoming more and more mainstream. Research in quantum physics proves that we are all made of energy and the same stuff as stars. Many think that viewing ourselves as energy is a new concept but it is not. The concept of the chakra system began in early Hinduism.

Science has been evolving since the 1800’s proving we are energetic beings and everything is interconnected. Which is completely fascinating. It is also one of the reasons why I coauthored and illustrated, “I am a Rainbow, A Children’s Guide to the Chakra’s.”

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Everything is connected. We are connected to nature and people across the globe. We are connected to the moon and the shift of the tides of the ocean. When we begin to explore this concept we start to understand that we are not alone. We also begin to understand what when we are feeling off it could be connected to our energy and the energy surrounding us. There are many different types of healers who work with energy. When I started to explore this my whole life changed.

The anxiety that I had suffered from my entire life began to make sense and I began to finally have tools to deal with it. This was life changing especially because “western” medicine solution was to just give you medication. While medication for anxiety has a place, it is not an effective long term solution. It only masks the underlying issues. Energy work can help you find physical, spiritual and emotional balance.

In our, I am a rainbow book, there are stones, yoga poses, ways to know when each chakra is off balance and what you can do to balance it. Which engages kids in fun ways to connect to their bodies, mind and spirit.

Healing and balancing all parts of our rainbow take both practice and time. When our chakras are balanced, energy is free to flow and we feel lighter and more alive. This can have a ripple effect on everything around you because everything is connected. Our vibe attracts our tribe. If your energy vibration is low and your chakras are blocked it can affect everything around you. There are ways to raise your vibration. It all starts with awareness.

I wish that I had learned about energy work earlier in life. This is why this book is so important. Recognizing that we each have the power within ourselves to shift our thinking, empower our minds and balance our energy is life changing. Awareness of our thoughts and emotions is key to this shift. Any time we become aware of imbalance we can shift to, “how can I heal or balance this?”

For kids, learning this awareness early on can help with emotional regulation, resilience and confidence. I wonder what would happen if all kids were taught how to balance their chakras. Would it help eliminate the anxiety, stress and addictions we are seeing increase around the world? Would it help us build stronger more empathetic and connected communities?

We all have a rainbow of talents and energies within ourselves. This is potential energy that we can tap into at any time to empower our lives and raise our vibration.

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