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5 Tools for Overcoming Insecurities

In the age of the internet and social media we are constantly bombarded with images and constructs of what “life” should look like on the outside. The problem with this is that it causes insecurities in people because they look at the photos then look at their own lives and think. My life looks nothing like that, there must be something wrong with me. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most of what is posted on social media is staged and you only get to see one snapshot of what is actually going on. For example, you may see a beautiful couple on a beach vacation with their young family and think, “wow, they have it all.” However the reality of that situation may be way different. All you see is the photos that were plastered all over social media. What you don’t see is the time spent sitting alone in the hotel room for hours on end while the baby slept and the partner drank his face while flirting with women in the pool. You did not hear the abusive language upon his return. You did not see the fear being grabbed and yanked on by the arm in the empty hallway. All you see is the perfect image of what people post. Which leads to insecurities and self-doubt when your life doesn’t look instagram perfect.

Guess what! No one’s life is Instagram perfect. Everyone has stuff. Everyone is living with a challenge that no one else completely understands. Everyone has self-doubt in their heads over something that they did, said or didn’t have the guts to stand up and do. However, amidst this constant battle there is also a very powerful and empowering solution. It is simple and it starts with you!

What is this empowering solution you ask? It is learning the power of self-care which can jump start your transformative journey to overcoming insecurities and self-doubt. By truly learning to love yourself and step into your power.

Our insecurities stem from deep-rooted feelings we have of inadequacy and it is often a product of our childhood. It can be influenced by society, our family structure, unrealistic expectations, comparison and unhealthy competition. It often shows up as negative self-talk, body image struggles and fear of failures. These insecurities prevent people from embracing their true essence and finding their purpose or dharma.

A self-care journey is not about candles and bubble baths. It is about learning how to heal from the subconscious habits and patterns that fuel the insecurities.

Here are 5 tools to help you set insecurities to the side:

Develop Self-Awareness: Self-Awareness is about becoming aware of what the insecurities actually are and when they come up for you. When we start to become aware of our thoughts and emotions the patterns of where those beliefs come from will start to reveal themselves. As soon as we are aware of these patterns we have the ability to take charge and foster a more mindful and empathetic relationship with ourselves.

Practice Self-Compassion: Learn how to treat yourself with kindness and forgiveness. Be gentle with yourself. Often, we are our own worst critic. Learn to acknowledge your strengths and celebrate your unique you!
Prioritizing Physical Well-being: Movement is so key to our health. Our physical bodies are often undervalued when our mental stress and insecurities take over. Even doing some simple yoga poses or getting out for a quick 15 minute walk can help enhance your self-confidence and contribute to a positive self image.

Build your Emotional Resilience: Insecurities often come from emotional insecurities that you subconsciously developed in childhood. Beginning to spend time engaging in activities that promote emotional well-being like journaling, meditation, affirmations and visualization can help to build your emotional resilience. Building emotional resilience helps you combat insecurities in all areas of your life.

Foster your Passions: Schedule in some time to your schedule to immerse yourself in your hobbies and passion projects. When we spend time engaging in these activities it fills your cup and allows the insecurities to melt away. Spending time reconnecting to your authentic self through your passions builds self-confidence.

Overcoming insecurities is not something that happens over night and not something that can be solved with a band-aid solution. It is a journey to self-discovery and transformation. Self-care empowers us to embrace who we truly are and step into our power. There are so many gifts in our imperfections, learn to embrace them. As you begin to prioritize self-awareness, compassion and physical well-being you begin to unlock the key to overcoming your insecurities. Remember self-care is not a selfish act, it is the very foundation of your personal growth journey and the fastest way to begin living life to its fullest potential. So stop scrolling your social media pages and start empowering your life through self care!

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