Just Start!

Do you have an idea or dream that you want to achieve but do not know where to start? I know how you feel. I have been in that exact situation so many times. My general problem is that I have too many ideas and do not know where to start and my ideas are so big that tackling them seems impossible. Which then sometimes paralyzes my progress. Do you ever feel that way too?

When I first started exploring my creative ideas and avenues I asked a friend who had a successful world wide jewelry business, how she started and how did she get to where she was. The best advice she gave me was to just start. My response was I don’t know where to start. Then she told me once I started things would unfold and you would know which direction to continue to go in, but in order to find out I had to start.

I had ideas about writing books, starting an art workshop business, doing yoga and art retreats, teaching reiki. I just wanted her to tell me which one to start with but she didn’t she just told me to start. The crazy thing is once I started I actually did all of these things. That was about 6 years ago. In 6 years I wrote 8 children’s books, ran a number of art workshops for friends (pre covid), ran a yoga retreat and taught my first reiki course all by myself. I had all of these ideas and didn’t know where to start but once I started everything that I had been asking about where to start eventually came to fruition.

When I look back on other parts of my life once I started and set a goal I had been able to achieve what I had wanted too. I had set a goal to be a teacher. Once I was a teacher I set a goal to start my Masters Degree as soon as I could, which was exactly what I did. I started my masters degree almost exactly 2 years after I started my continuous contract as a teacher. Life shifted a bit and I ended up having a baby but that did not stop me from achieving my goal of getting my Masters it just made my timeline stretch out a bit more than I had originally planned.

Many times things don’t go exactly as you had planned which is okay too. When things do not go as planned or take longer than you initially hoped you have the opportunity to learn and grow from that situation. Maybe you were meant for bigger and better things once you start on your path. Sometimes situations arise and you fall off your path which stifles you progress, I know this happened to me a bit the last two years. I feel like I have had a 2 year mental lull. But guess what you can pull yourself out of the lull and get back on track. You just need to pick yourself up and start again. Once you start the right people and mentors will pop up just at the right time.

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